At the start of lockdown, DW Smith started putting out a series of beats for people to write to once a week. I think it was the first time I’d ever started writing to a beat and a whole track just fell out and onto the page. At the same time I had a visual in my head of how I would do a music video to go with what I was trying to say with the words.

Fast forward more than a year and I had taught myself to produce and record vocals, and started to re-make the beat because of samples clearance issues. I began discussions with film-maker Doc BlackDaWho about creating something to go with it.

I have worked with Doc BlackDaWho (aka Joe) on a number of projects – we walk and talk, and I try my best to put into words what is in my head visually. He’s amazing at understanding what I’m trying to say, and works with enthusiasm, love and energy to make it a reality on the screen. We enlisted the help of Niques when we were filming, for her vision and energy, and so Joe could focus on filming with so many people involved.

We knew that at least one of the shots needed to be of women floating down the river and out to sea, as the whole concept is of floating from the stream all the way out to sea, with women in white joining along the way. I was absolutely blown away by the love and support that came back when I put out a call for women to be a part of the video, and having this collection of water warriors behind me strengthened my belief in our vision. As well as asking friends to join me, I put a message into a facebook group The Taffy Dippers, where I collected some more water warriors, and an amazing gentleman by the name of Nick Russil.

The drone shots that Nick took are absolutely stunning, including some beautiful photographs capturing the atmospheric sky and beach at Ogmore. After we had filmed there, he happened to mention that he also has an underwater camera and it’s safe to say that the insane photography that this provided has taken the video to another level! He also brought his lovely daughter Mia along, who was an total superstar and again, the video would not be what it is without her! Nick also invited Lena and Frankie, who are members of the fantastic Dawnstalkers group on Instagram. They have been swimming at dawn, in Penarth, every day for the last couple of years, doing some fantastic stuff with Jacob Abraham Foundation (Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Charity) & RNLI. They also have an exhibition on in the Penarth Pavillion so go and check that out! It was brilliant to have these seasoned wild swimmers along for their unfazed attitude to the cold, and knowledge of the water – the sea is a power to be reckoned with.

My organic way of working meant that I hadn’t really planned a ‘wow’ outfit, so when Teifi showed up with a wedding dress I didn’t need too much convincing that this was the right move. Thank you Teifi! Thank you also to Re-Create for the fabric for all the dresses. And THANK YOU to everyone propping me up and propelling me forward down this wild water ride… much love, enjoy! X

‘Dinner on the Table’ became a ten-track project ‘Diving Deeper’, my debut album released through Bard Picasso 12.11.21.

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