welsh dragon unity brave toaster unity namibiaAlthough I’m not a massive Rugby fan, I get it. The buzz, the excitement, the home team… Myself, Scot, Ripe, Amok, Karm, News, Hoxe, Amoe, Rens, Enta, Ryder, Smak, T-Rex, Bnie, Ref, Tao and SPK painted the Millenium Boardwalk behind the stadium, each writer taking the flag of one of the countries in the world cup. I did Namibia and Wales. The nature theme running through it all is the link back to the Kew Gardens bid for funding to transform the boardwalk into a space with wild flowers and artwork. We’ll be asking the public to vote for ‘Discover the Diff’ online from October 6th.

Wales Online liked it anyway… article here

Thank you to Haydn and Matt at Cardiff Council who stuck their necks out and believed in us ‘vandals’… And R.I.P to Brave Toaster, whose family and friends are burying him today.