To celebrate the life, work & legacy of Dylan Thomas I organised a paint jam next to Cardiff Castle, on boards that had been put up to protect the trees from UEFA happenings…

Unity – Lyrics by Dylan Thomas

Cardiff Council very generously paid for our paint – a Welsh flag colour theme seemed appropriate, and I asked wordsmith Rufus Mufasa (Dope Biscuits) to pick out some Dylan lyrics. To link the theme to today’s living, breathing poetry, DJ Alchemy (The Hold Up/Applied Science) kindly helped me pick out some lyrics by our homegrown rappers.

Squid – Lyrics by Ral Duke

Tao – Lyrics by Joe Dirt

Thank you to Over, Dan1, Plus, Tao, Sega, Squid and Mr Draws for the love. Graffiti and Hip-Hop is strong in Cardiff, and we are giving a nod to Dylan Thomas as well as recognising the important contribution of rappers to Welsh culture.

Over & Dan

Plus – Lyrics by Rufus Mufasa


Sega – Lyrics by Dylan Thomas

Unity – Lyrics by Bespoken

Unity – Lyrics by Lil Miss

Find out more about Literature Wales’ International Dylan Thomas Day here.

Mr Draws – Lyrics by Dylan Thomas