I will be donating four prints to this fundraiser for the important work being done by The Refugee Women’s Centre in Grande-Synthe camp de la Linière, France. 50% from all purchases of prints and cards via my online shop today (17th October) will also go towards the project:

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“The Refugee Women’s Centre is a safe space for the women of the camp to come with their children for support, relaxation and to create relationships with the other women in the camp as well as the volunteers. Many of them have been there for several months after traumatic departures from their countries and long and dangerous journeys across Europe.

Whether pregnant women, single mothers, young or old families, the 180 women of the camp suffer similar threats and pressures from the grey, desperate and male-dominated environment around them. In the Womens Centre we try to sooth the difficulties of daily life and provide an alternative to the seclusion of remaining in the shelters. We have a kitchen for the women to cook in, a free shop for the distribution of women’s and children’s hygiene products and a clothes and shoes distribution.”

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When my daughter asked me ‘what’s your favourite thing that you own?’ I didn’t expect my response to be ‘my wetsuit’, but it is.

This summer I’ve begun learning to surf. A whim purchase of a body-board led to me investing in a decent wetsuit and OH my word it changed my life – I LOVE being in the sea! Being in the water, with the vast sky above, is truly humbling – I can feel how immense the world is, and how tiny and insignificant I am. Being slapped in the face by the cold waves, thrown about and whipped by the wind I feel alive. This summer I feel like I’ve found myself again.

The HUGE, beautiful sunsets I’ve seen above the water have taken my breath away – the colours are magical – hard to believe that the bright pinks and reds are natural, not from a spray-can.

The ocean is such a powerful force and being in the waves we’re just tickling the edge of its majesty. Awareness of the tides and their link to the moon bring us closer to the natural cycle of the world and the other animals who feel and respect this power. This weekend a seal came within metres of us in the water – just to say hello.

I’ll be showing my piece ‘Unity – the ebb and flow of the tide’ at the Made In Roath Open Exhibition, Sunday 9th October (preview 2-4pm) then Tues 11th – Sunday 16th 11am-4pm at 28 The Parade, CF24 3AB.

Sunset through the campervan mesh - by Sofie Thomas, age 10

Sunset through the campervan mesh – by Sofie Thomas, age 10