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International Womxn’s Day means that this time of year is always a busy one for me as people grab the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women, and open discussions about why we STILL need to be fighting for equality. Last year’s showcase for Ladies of Rage was actually the last event I went to […]

Garden of my Soul

Rest in Peace Stagga, who was a massive inspiration and support in the creation of this project. Available to purchase via: Ltd. Edition Bonus Pack £4: Pack contains ‘Garden of my Soul’ postcard, 5 mini ‘Love Yourself’ postcards, rememberance ribbon, sun’s golden seeds & unity sticker. Tracks will be emailed to you as wav & […]

Stagga – Rest in Beats

I’m heartbroken that Stagga has passed. This man was a true gent and has influenced and supported so so many in the Cardiff music scene to follow their passion. Without him I and many others wouldn’t be making music – Fat Fridge was more than just a studio – it was a safe space where […]

Safe spaces for womxn

I have always been drawn instinctively to Hiphop. From my early days of buying records before I even had a record player, cartwheeling into a ‘resting’ bboy cypher before I’d ever seen a bboy, scribbling my frustrations in notebooks and onto walls. When I moved away from my family home in the countryside of mid-wales, […]

Living life with a screen between

When I started painting I didn’t take photos. I did it for fun, to get a buzz, to spend time with friends. I’ve just done my first piece which was planned around taking a photo of it. I’ve wanted to try this effect for a while but put it off – you gotta try things […]

Art & Mental Health

For many of the people I know who write graffiti, it’s a life-line. When I see somebody is painting I know they’re okay. Sometimes if a writer is painting prolifically, I have an inkling that maybe they are not okay. I’m hoping to find out more about ‘art on prescription’, trying to be open minded […]

Welsh Graffiti – A Brief History

Welsh graffiti writers have been getting up since the early 80’s, when films like Wildstyle and Style Wars were finding their way into the UK’s video players. Henry Chalfant’s Subway Art and Spraycan Art, as well as original photographs of New York trains and Homemade zines provided inspiration for young Welsh artists. Trefforest Industrial Estate, Webbs […]

So. Does Welsh Hip Hop still have a Community?

This was the question put as a conversation starter for the first of a series of ‘What’s up with Hip Hop’ discussions as part of the Festival Of Voice. As with anything in Cardiff Hip Hop, there was apparently a ‘hoo-haa’ in advance of the event, because either people mis-read the original promo, or they […]