Me and Rufus Mufasa had talked about collaborating for over a year before we put on ‘Landmarks’. Our work seemed to run alongside each other, and we finally managed to pull it together for the installation piece we created for Made in Roath Festival, with help from Articulture.

With this immersive piece in ‘Inkspot’ old church we created an intimate space for sharing, developing our own practice and encouraging others to question and explore their own. The starting point was ‘nature’ words that had been deleted from the Oxford Junior Dictionary, and replaced with ‘technology’ words. It sparked debate in our audiences about language, nature, poetry, technology and Hip-hop culture.

Acorn, Otter, Ivy, Heather, Fern, Heron, Newt… replaced by Chatroom, Blog, Cut & Paste, Broadband, PC, Podcast…

Boxes, collaged with words from dictionaries, words made from scrabble letters, piles of dictionaries and books about nature, as well as Ivy, Acorns, Conkers, Ferns, Clover and other everyday gifts from nature formed our installation. I also sprayed directly onto the wall and displayed my ‘Time Heals’ series and work on canvas.

Rufus created poems and gave me a loop pedal. Thrown in at the deep end I just about managed to swim through it, creating sounds with the looper, and playing some choice vinyl to support Rufus’ beautiful words and voice.

We went on to perform the soundscape at ‘Do Not Go Gentle’ festival in Swansea, ‘Voices On The Bridge’ in Pontypridd Museum and ‘Endeavours’ at the Embassy Café in Cardiff. We will be touring this piece in 2018 so please get in touch if you want to host us.