THE WITCHING TREE ~ Unity & Zee-Rock

Unity and Zee Rock’s four track EP ‘The Witching Tree’ is an experimental offering constructed using an array of samples, sound bites and adlibs from many sources.

The pair first collaborated on Unity’s debut release ‘Progress is a Process’ (Later Records) in 2020, followed by a track featuring Asha Jane ‘Four Leaf Clover’ on her ‘Garden of my Soul’ project, and on a third track ‘I’m Alive’, from Unity’s ‘Diving Deeper’ project (Bard Picasso, 2021), featuring Galaxy Sega who has created the artwork and animations for ‘The Witching Tree’.

Both artists are long-standing contributors to all elements of hip hop culture, with Zee Rock starting out on his production journey with an Akai S950, his trusty Atari ST, a cracked copy of Cu-base, a little Zoom effects rack and a 8 channel Mackie mixing desk. The aim with this project was for a rough and ready dusty lofi approach rather than a fully polished overall sound.

Unity’s lyrics grew from the name given to each track by Zee Rock as he was creating them, and the project evolved into a collection of spells – the riddle and rhymes brewed in Zee Rock’s cauldron. ‘The Witching Tree’ features cuts from Zee Rock, as well as from Cardiff HipHop legend DJ Jaffa, and features Welsh MC’s A Gent Orange and Luce Kanon, Tewkesbury’s Farai and an overseas contribution from Hush (Philadelphia, USA).

Expect intricate rhyme schemes, abstract lyrical storytelling, and a layered soundscape of sampled vinyl deep from Zee’s crates. The project includes a tale of twin aunties moving through a surreal cityscape, the afterparty, as well as deeper musings about the world and our place in it on the opening and closing tracks.


Habitually feat. Luce Kanon

All the Freaky People

Twin Aunties feat. Farai and Hush, with cuts by DJ Jaffa

Quiet Riot feat. A Gent Orange

Unity’s projects: ‘Progress is a Process’ (2020) and ‘Garden of My Soul’ (2021) are available on all streaming platforms, with ‘Diving Deeper’ (2021) and ‘Red & Blue’ (2022) on Bandcamp and Soundcloud only.

You can find more of Zee Rock’s creations on his Soundcloud page.