I hate getting up early, but… this was worth it. Got the 6am (blurgh) megabus down to London (only six quid!) For a super sunny paint up with Pyklops, Sofly Guisi Tomasello and Siany. Met some other lovely artists out for the sesson too – mega thanks to JXC who gave me a gift! After the tunnel session, I nipped on over to Islington for the Breakin’ Convention Park jam. What a lush community event – two female beatboxers on stage as I arrived, I headed over to the basketball court where all the dancers were getting down and funky. Caught up with some faces I haven’t seen in TIME! Soopa & Leebee hanging by the speakers (of course), Enos, Bounty and the Bath boys, Monkey and more… Kwamikazee still going strong into his forties, we headed over for some delicious curried goat & peas, before the rain came, and I caught a lift back to home sweet home with Kwam, Boost and Lady Lousha. Just in time to say night night to my own two sweet girls and bed with a smile on my face.

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I put up this ‘Trust’ piece in memory of the 96 Liverpool fans who lost their lives at Hillsborough. If we can’t trust the police then what the hell are we left with?


Thanks Pyklops for the flick.