Oh, hello there. Long time no speak!

I’m baaaaack. For those who don’t know, Leo’s the name, and I guess regular blogging is my game now.

I just launched a blog of my own, but my getting to this point only came after the friendliness and encouragement of a handful of people who believed in my writing ability.

And few more so than my gracious host here. Don’t you worry, there will be no primadonna behaviour from me. There will be plenty more Unity-LG collabs to come in future, and not just during the festivities of FOCUS Wales.

That LG Takeover link you see up above? It’s been there a while, and the hope was that I’d start writing more regularly here sooner. But I’ve had a few significant life changes and there are other things in my life that have taken a greater priority in my life over the past few weeks.

I’ve since managed to ‘recalibrate’ things if you will, and after this round of dispatches for FOCUS WALES 2024 is complete, you will be seeing a lot more content from me here in times to come. And bespoke pieces too, you won’t even find them on my own blog! (It’s called Enigmatic Shenanigans II, by the way.

But back to the here and now. I am very excited to be back here in Wrexham for my fourth straight FOCUS. Though it is with a tinge of sadness as it will be the first one not being in the company of Unity. She’ll definitely be missed, but the show must go on. And I endeavour to do her – and everyone else reading – proud with my content.

As always, the first place to read about day-by-day festival schedule is right here. So let’s get to it for Thursday, shall we? You know how I do, wall to wall always!

There are a lot of artists new to me when I get going in the morning, but there are some who have been on my (virtual) list of people who I’ve wanted to see for a while, such as Snapped Ankles. In fact, the only act here that I’ve seen before – and at a past FOCUS, no less – is Jonny Ash, one of Wrexham’s finest. Looking forward to seeing them grace a stage once again.

And now time to address the elephant in the room.

2145. Oh my days. Easily the worst clash I’ve had to deal with in my entire time attending FOCUS. So, so cruel. If you look at the schedule in full, you will note that two outstanding artists in Sage Todz and Skunkadelic are set to play at exactly the same time in different venues.

Why, FOCUS. WHY!!!!

And each with only one set too. In the end, I went with Sage Todz simply because I’ve been waiting for a chance to see him do his thing for literally years now, and even though I’m missing out on Tumi this time around, I’m sure we’ll bump into each other many times during the weekend, and it is inevitable that I’ll either see him onstage solo or with Afro Cluster at some point in the future. And hopefully soon.

As always, check back here on the daily or on the prompting of a link shared by Unity or myself. And hopefully you’ll have fun experiencing a taste of FOCUS vicariously through my experiences.

Bye for now!