Underwater Paint Jam

On Saturday 9th April, after a wet start, the sun came out! Myself, Pyklops, Sofly, Nathaniel Draws, Sega, Aver, Object, Skin, Jeesee, Defs and Tao painted underwater pieces to a soundtrack from The Hold Up, with a regular rabble of MC’s getting busy on the mic. I met some lovely little children having a family day out, fully involved in proceedings – they added to my piece, got involved in the MC cypher and generally got into the groove – the future of Hiphop is bright!

Passing PCSO’s stopped for selfies, BMX-ers hanging out, a guy on his way home from his last ever shift at Pizza Hut flying back home to India the next day super excited to have lived in such a vibrant city. All in all a satisfying community day, rounded off by a quick visit to Pryme Cuts MC event over the river and on to Gwdihw to see Harleighblu. I slept with a smile on my face…

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