I’m heartbroken that Stagga has passed. This man was a true gent and has influenced and supported so so many in the Cardiff music scene to follow their passion. Without him I and many others wouldn’t be making music – Fat Fridge was more than just a studio – it was a safe space where tears were shed and magic happened. If it wasn’t for Stagga, Ladies of Rage wouldn’t have put down roots and grown. If it wasn’t for Stagga I wouldn’t have released music or be learning how to produce. I will always cherish his gentle, patient way of working, encouraging words and absolute musical talent – his open heart and enthusiasm for passing on his knowledge, his way of looking at the world and his positive energy. I am truly grateful to have been able to spend the time that I did with this man, fondly remembered and greatly missed. My heart goes out to his family, his lovely Nina and their little boys Loki and Blue xxx


When you roll a stone, its growth is unknown.

You were smoothed over time when all the seasons had flown.

You were homegrown, with your toes in the water,

Salt of the earth the first ship in our port and

I was imported northernly, the wind listened contentedly,

It taught us all important things, these things are always meant to be.

You meant so much to me, a gentle wizard on the breeze,

And these tears hear your melody washing out to sea.

Paper boats in a bottle of dreams.

Earth, wind and fire tying desire at the seams.

Our streams meet on the bedrock you sowed,

Held tears in your tree house in home-spun gold.

Fold your cloak, fill your soul with yellow roses,

No moss grows unless she knows your soul chose it.

Father time standing still on the shore,

With openhanded understanding handing me liquid to pour.


Duck eggs in a basket, ducklings into swans,

There’ll be no moss on the rocks now that you’re gone.

We lay your salt in the earth and float on salt in the sea,

Your stone still rolls strong because your spirit is free.