I don’t have much to report on the Millenium Walkway Graffiti Hall of Fame, other than I’m hard on the case of the Council Officers who have promised to provide us with a suitable alternative before the advertising goes up. They are working to come up with an interim between the walkway and a new permanent spot where we will build a wall. I have suggested a few options and Matt Wakelham is working at getting permissions – he’s speaking to relevant people for Charles Street, Custom House Street and John St (where No Fit State was).

I’m keen on the Custom House Street/ John Street options, as they are close to Callaghan Square.

This area – shiny, polished and pristine – is not really used other than as a walk-through, and I believe, by skaters. We will be arranging to have the concrete structure on Callaghan Square painted next month, and hopefully will eventually be able to get an agreement for using this area for our new wall. If not I’ve suggested Bute Park as an alternative so watch this space…

In the meantime, I haven’t been able to prise a date out of anyone for when the adverts are going up, but true to Cardiff Council’s promise, this memorial piece has been delivered to Brave Toaster’s family. If anyone has any ideas of where we could put it up again please let us know.

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