Thank you Tobiasz Wasyliszyn for this lovely video about the Back to Nature Paint Jam

As the Femme Fierce event planned for International Women’s Day 2016 was postponed, I decided that Cardiff was ready for a paint jam to mark the day. I invited artists from around the UK to come and paint the 340ft wall along the Millenium Boardwalk, and they came… 29 artists from Cardiff, Bristol, London, Brighton and Kent. Event page here.

The theme was Care/Nature, with a soundtrack from The Hold Up

I spent way more time talking than painting, but here’s my finished piece (thanks to DiffGraff for the image).

bend over backwards tree


The event seemed to inspire, thrill and educate the general public, and my aim was to begin discussions as to why there are so many males representing in the hiphop community compared to females. As expected, the work has already begun to disappear under new pieces, so I’ll be inviting artists back to paint again on 9th April. This time the theme will be ‘underwater’…

Coverage of the event in pictures and words from


DiffGraff (part2!),

Wales Online

Craig Kirkwood


And an interview with me by Made In Cardiff TV here. (at 6.15)

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I began work last week on putting a tree at each of the ten wards in the new Adult Mental Health Unit at Llandough Hospital. The building itself is called simply Hafan Y Coed (Haven of trees), and is based around this theme, with pieces of art throughout, inspired by nature. Even the cladding on the outside of the building looks like bark.

As there’s no signage yet I did get extremely lost at one point, but thoroughly enjoyed doing the first two trees – although I did keep expecting somebody to tap me on the shoulder and tell me off…

Look forward to continuing next week. Once it’s up and running, patients will be asked to put a thought or poem onto a leaf to stick onto these trees, and so they’ll continue to grow long after I say goodbye to them. I likey.

tree1 tree2


Well. Social media eh? In London eh? IT’s flippin’ everywhere! Haha. Here’s our piece from the weekend, and some of the coverage the jam got…

Articles and sound piece by Bethany Connor HERE

Diff Graff Blog HERE

Inspiring City piece HERE

Unity and Pyklops, Shoreditch, London. Blackall Street Female Paint Jam

Unity and Pyklops, Shoreditch, London. Blackall Street Female Paint Jam

Looking forward to a paint in Sunny Shoreditch with my Femme Fierce ladies Pyklops, Mutiny, Mondi, Guisi Tomasello, Georgie, and Kaleidoscope Eyes.

Find out more on the event page HERE.

Last chance to see this lovely lady and her friends at the MADE Gallery in Roath, until the end of this month.

'Hair Pink', spraypaint and acrylic on canvas, Size: 46 × 50 × 2 cm

‘Hair Pink’, spraypaint and acrylic on canvas, Size: 46 × 50 × 2 cm

llandough exhibTwo of my pieces will be on show at the HeARTh gallery, Llandough Hospital until January 1st. The exhibition, in collaboration with Little Sparks and the Beyond Words Project, is the second in the new gallery space within the hospital. If you do go, while you’re there pop into the courtyard just outside the gallery to visit my Believe Tree.


halloween halloween2Some beautiful photographs on the Diff-Graff site of my halloween piece in Sevenoaks Park HERE


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Here’s a piece I did incorporating all the Rugby World Cup 2015 qualifying teams:

The 8 Qualifying teams for RWC2015

The 8 Qualifying teams for RWC2015

And the ‘Discover the Diff’ promo video:…



believe plaqueAfter a whole HOUR stuck in traffic, we finally made it to the opening, just as all the pomp, ceremony, presentations and photo’s were over. Not to worry, we had the gallery to ourselves to see some fantastic work. Back in the hot days of June, I painted the ‘Believe Tree’ in a courtyard just off the gallery, and they even put a plaque up with my name on! – I’m truly humbled.

Click HERE to see a time lapse of the ‘Believe Tree’.

I look forward to visiting Llandough Hospital again when the new Mental Health Unit is up and running, with artwork throughout. It’s so refreshing to have art highly valued in a place which can be depressing, sad and stressful.