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I love Cardiff Council…

This morning I muscled my way in on a site meeting between Cardiff Coucil, Welsh Government and the contractor who looks after Callaghan Square. In a nutshell, they’re happy with the first pieces by myself (unity), Resh and Oner, and will be building us a wall along the ‘West Side’… The new wall will follow […]

No News = Good News?

I don’t have much to report on the Millenium Walkway Graffiti Hall of Fame, other than I’m hard on the case of the Council Officers who have promised to provide us with a suitable alternative before the advertising goes up. They are working to come up with an interim between the walkway and a new […]

Whistle-stop tour…

A lovely man called Paul, who spends his days in Cardiff City Centre on a little buggy, ferrying less mobile folks to and from the shops, sorting out the bollards and such like, gave me a tour of the city this morning. The aim was to find suitable locations for a temporary wall in place […]

Building a wall…

It all comes down to money. The Millennium Walkway costs £55,000 per year to maintain. Advertising on the Walkway will bring in £100,000 per year. We, as artists CANNOT compete with that! Advertisers don’t want their shiny corporate image tainted with being associated with graffiti… let’s not take that too personally. We can’t share the […]

we not in new York

In 2016 I heard that Brecon was holding a women’s festival. Having been involved in a number of events for International Women’s Day I contacted them to see if I could paint for it. I was too late but the organisers kindly included me in the programme for 2017. I spent a day in Brecon […]

Not an Isolated Incident

February 14th – Valentines day – the day of love. But what if the one you love doesn’t treat you well? Emotionally and/or physically abuses you… What then? Dinah Vagina’s ‘Not an isolated incident’ is a moving display of 118 ceramic figures, each with the name and age of a woman killed in the UK […]

Nature… I Love it!

Yes I do. And it keeps me sane – a walk in the woods or a cycle along the river to start or end the day, makes sure I don’t get ‘growly’. I spent a day last week in the woods, in the company of other creative folk, doing what we do (photographing, filming, painting, […]

Leonard Cohen – 1934-2016

Rest in Peace Leonard Cohen. His voice resonates through time to my childhood years, in a warm, magically lit stone walled upside-down house. How apt that on a day when I’ll be visiting my piece ‘mama’ in the WAA group exhibition, Mister Cohen’s passing disturbed the grief for my mother which is starting to settle […]